PSU & Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Remote Capstone: Learning From Persons with Disabilities Interest Form

In this remote course you will:
  • Earn 6 Capstone Credits in just 2 Weeks
    (Practicum or Elective credits also available)
  • Explore history, stories, and social movements of people with disabilities
  • Imagine a more accessible world, with insights from our friends at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp
  • Learn from a mixture of films, readings, and Q&As with local voices in the disability community
  • Find out how to get involved and work toward dismantling ableism
If you are interested in joining the capstone students have called "the most-eye opening course I've ever taken" please complete the form below. We will reach out to you with more information.
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What is your current degree path at PSU?
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